Practice Limited to Anxiety, Panic, OCD, and Trauma

Online Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Panic

Robert P. "Pablo" Miller, Phd     Licensed Clinical Psychologist VA 0810002610

The majority of human psychological/emotional suffering is related to anxiety, and  scientific research into anxiety and trauma related disorders (such as PTSD) has continued to produce increasingly effective treatments.  As my practice has evolved along with the research, the ability to relieve suffering in shorter and shorter amounts of time continues to be my greatest professional reward. 

Although chatting about your week or exploring your inner child and family history might be financially profitable (for me), it will not provide the kind of understanding and freedom for you that will be most satisfying for both of us.  Rather than a paid-friend, my role is more that of a knowledgeable, caring and fully committed coach who will help you understand what is happening from a physiological, emotional and neurobehavioral perspective that will make sense to you because it will fit your experience as well as the scienceā€¦and produce the benefits worthy of your investment of time and money.

I will encourage you to practice various psychological exercises we will develop together, but will never push you to do anything you do not believe will be beneficial or practical.  While I am quite confident of my therapeutic skills, I will always be open to, and occasionally request, your feedback as to how I can better fit your own particular needs and circumstances.   I promise that I will never become defensive or blame you for expressing your needs.   Try me :-)

We will begin weekly (or possibly twice weekly if you wish and my time permits), and then move to less and less frequent appointments when you are ready to do so. 

If you are currently taking medications for anxiety and wish to be free of them I will, with your permission, coordinate with your prescribing doctor to make that process as easy for you as possible.

I am here for you.